James attained his Honours degree of Bachelor of Social Science at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Thereafter, he passed C.P.E. and Solicitors’ Final Examination in the College of Law, England. James is a qualified Solicitor in Hong Kong and England & Wales.

James is the legal adviser of many companies and organizations. His practice mainly focuses on litigation and commercial transactions. In the past, he had:

(i) Acted for the President of a listed company to handle a series of shareholders’ disputes and the related SFC investigations;
(ii) Acted for a first class hairstyle salon in Hong Kong in handling collective injunction filed by its staff and the litigation arising from it;
(iii) Worked together with U.K. lawyers to act for a Hong Kong shareholder to acquire from an English shareholder his shares of a Hong Kong limited company; and
(iv) Handled a shareholders’ dispute of a BVI company which owned a hotel in Shanghai.

James also has strong connections with the entertainment industry in Hong Kong and has the following experience in entertainment business related legal services:

(a) Assisted in the formation of Hong Kong Movie Production Executives Association Limited (2001)
(b) Assisted in the formation of Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers Limited (2002)
(c) Assisted in the formation of Hong Kong Chamber of Films Ltd. (2006)
(d) Assisted in the formation of Association of Motion Picture Post Production Professionals (Hong Kong) Limited (2008)
(e) Acted for a Hong Kong Film Production Company to claim and recover royalty fees against a film company in Hollywood, the USA;
(f) Legal Adviser of The Hong Kong Filmmakers Code of Practice and Safety Manual (Volume 1);
(g) Legal Adviser of The Hong Kong Filmmakers Code of Practice and Safety Manual (Volume 2);
(h) Legal Adviser of the Documentary Film The Brilliant Life of Bruce Lee; and
(i) Acted for a local film production company to defend a legal action of the claim of a leading actor in the High Court action against it in relation to the production of a film.

Further, James is also experienced in acting for clients in commercial crime cases and SFC investigations. He was the instructing solicitor for the defendant of the first major drug money laundering case in Hong Kong. His other major practice areas include conveyancing, probate, family law, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Practice AreasCivil, Commercial and Criminal Litigation, Corporate and Commercial Contract, Conveyancing, Probate and Succession, Family Law, Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement, Media and Entertainment Related Legal Matters
Professional QualificationsSolicitor of Hong Kong (1992)
Solicitor of England & Wales (1994)
Professional Appointments and Public DutiesLegal Adviser of Hong Kong Film Awards Association Limited (since 1997 onward)
Legal Adviser of Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers Limited (since 2002 onward)
Long-term Legal Adviser of a famous local Film Production Company
ContactEmail address: jlam@lamleelai.com.hk