An Interview with Mr. Ambrose Lam by Nanfang Daily

Mr. Ambrose Lam was invited to have a personal interview with Nanfang Daily before the New Year Holiday. In the interview, Mr. Lam talked about the development in Qianhai, co-operation between firms in Shenzhen and Hong Kong as well as the future development plan in Qianhai.

When talking about the co-operation between firms in Hong Kong and Mainland, Mr. Lam thought that firms in Hong Kong and Shenzhen could learn from one another in different aspects. For example, firms in Hong Kong had stronger sense on risk management while lawyers in Shenzhen were skillful in using platform to get in touch with clients. Although the operation models were different in Hong Kong and Mainland, they could find a way to co-operate with one another through integration.

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For future development plan, Mr. Lam thought that since Hong Kong and Shenzhen was getting closer on economic and trade relation, legal work in Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen would increase. The joint law firms in Qianhai provided opportunities for Hong Kong to co-operate with law firms in other jurisdictions. Mainland law firms were the agents of Hong Kong companies when dealing with business in Mainland. Qianhai development was mutually beneficial to Hong Kong and Mainland.

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